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Club Football academy

English Language Homestays is now open for enquiries to our Club Football Academy, which will take place in summer 2019. 7 or 14 days of English tuition and professional football training will help you develop your English and Football skills in the best way possible for all the football lovers. For our American friends, it’s soccer coaching by a Pro’s direct coaching.

Each student will receive a Nike football shirt, English Certificate and football certificate with individual reports and developments for other positions you may be able to play within the game.


All students will stay with a local Host Family, they can either stay in pairs or stay with a student of a different nationality. They will have full board accommodation during their stay, this includes the breakfast, packed lunch and dinner.

Football coaching

This programme will include 12 hours of football training a week, we have professional quality facilities with 3G pitches, all our coaches are FA Qualified, all aspects of the ‘great game’ are covered! This programme combines English tuition and excellent football training. Friendly games are also organised where possible. This is a great opportunity for all the football lovers willing to develop their skills on international grounds. We will cover technical circuits, individual techniques, goal keeping, free kicks, corners, dribbling, speed cage radar, quick feet challenge, target net,  Kix cubes etc, rules and fair play, all leading to a football match with a local team.

English tuition

16 hours of English per week; focus on speaking, listening, writing and reading.


The programme will combine at least two excursions each week, including visits to great teams stadiums such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Albion’s and also the Wembley. It will be combined with sightseeing of London and visits to museums and shopping time.

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Student Welfare

We check the welfare of all our students each morning, and any problems, ie; sickness, lost property and general wellbeing are dealt with as quickly as possible by our onsite welfare officer.
Aleks Ptasinsk Homestay English staff
Summer School Co-Ordinator
Aleks Ptasinska
Summer School 2019 in England One Week £495 (All Inclusive) 
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Football Academy with English 
All Inclusive Course Fees

 1 Week £475, 2 week £900 

ALL INCLUSIVE of Accommodation; Excursions; Bus Passes and Lessons
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